Hemoaction: A new educational tool for children with hemophilia

Using the universal language of pictures, children around the world can learn about hemophilia in a fun, easy to understand, and interactive way. The Hemoaction cards are a tool to teach children how to prevent bleeds and manage hemophilia by playing while learning about the clotting process, types of bleeds, and suitable physical activities.

The cards come in a child-friendly box that includes two sets of 26 playing cards plus one “runner” card, and an instruction guide. Originally produced in 2003, the WFH has reproduced the cards in five languages. View instruction guide in PDF format:


Click here, or e-mail us at to order a set of Hemoaction playing cards, available at $20 for non-members and $15 for members (including shipping and handling).

To date, national hemophilia organizations have also translated the Hemoaction cards into the following languages:

Polish (PDF)

Updated May 2012