Sample Travel Letter for Customs, Port of Entry

Dear Sir or Madam:

A person with hemophilia or other inherited bleeding disorder can control internal or external bleeding only with infusion of plasma-derived or recombinant concentrate.

____________ (patient’s name), who suffers from ______________ (hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or other inherited bleeding disorder), is travelling to ___________________. It would not be possible for him/her to travel without a supply of concentrates. S/he carries with him/her sufficient units for self-infusion as maintenance therapy and additional amounts in the event of an emergency. S/he also carries the syringes, needles, etc., necessary for infusion. _________ prescribed drugs are also being carried for management of _______________.

A customs official who inadvertently withholds bottles of plasma-derived or recombinant concentrate may place _______________’s (patient’s name) life in jeopardy. For purposes of comparison, it is as if insulin vials were withheld from a person with diabetes.

In anticipation of your cooperation, I am,

Yours very truly,

(Doctor’s signature,
name, position)

Updated May 2012