Sample Letter for Airport/ Airline Security

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: (name & address of person)

The above named is a person with a bleeding disorder. The bleeding to which they are subject can only be treated with infusion of plasma-derived or recombinant concentrate. Since bleeding may occur at any time, ________________ (patient's name) carries supplies with him/her together with syringes, needles, etc., for infusion. It is therefore of vital importance that these essential medications are permitted to travel with the bearer as hand luggage.

In no circumstances should the concentrates be withheld or placed in the aircraft hold as to do so may cause unnecessary delay in treatment and, additionally, would increase the risk of loss or damage.

A security official who inadvertently withholds bottles of plasma-derived or recombinant concentrate may place _______________'s (patient's name) life in jeopardy. For purposes of comparison, it is as if insulin vials were withheld from a person with diabetes.

In anticipation of your cooperation, I am,

Yours very truly,

(Doctor’s signature,
name, position)


Updated May 2012