Achieving Treatment for All: Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Educational Series

The video podcast series is designed to spur global dialogue around the need for broad-based access to care and treatment for people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. It aims to raise awareness of the impact of these disorders on the global community, as well as call attention to disparities in care around the world. Backgrounder (PDF)

Our Lives with Hemophilia: The Stories of Vaibhav and Paul (2010)

The lives of two young men with hemophilia, from two different parts of the world, are explored in this video podcast. This story features Paul Wilton, of London, Canada, and Vaibhav Nehra, of New Delhi, India. Throughout the video podcast, these young men, their families, and care givers provide their perspectives into how they have dealt with hemophilia and what they expect for their future.

Spokesperson Biographies (PDF)

The Many Faces of Bleeding Disorders – United to Achieve Treatment for All (2010)

This video podcast celebrates the whole bleeding disorders community – people with hemophilia and symptomatic carriers, females and males with von Willebrand disease, as well as those with rarer factor deficiencies, and inherited platelet disorders.

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Together, we care (2009)

Together, we care” Video Podcast explains how comprehensive care makes a difference in the lives of people with bleeding disorders.

Updated May 2012

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