Twinning Videos

Changing Lives Through Twinning

The sharing of knowledge and expertise is the greatest gift of twinning. In the video Changing Lives Through Twinning, Yuri Zhulyov and Paula Bolton-Maggs, MD, reflect on their involvement with the WFH Twinning Program. Click here to watch >

Lima – Fort Worth Twinning Video 
Chisinau – Warsaw Twinning Video 
Jordan – Toronto Twinning Video

Lima - Fort Worth

This 10-minute documentary is the first of a video series on the WFH Twinning Program. It was filmed in Peru in April 2008 as the twinning partnership of the Hospital Nacional Dos De Mayo in Lima and the Fort Worth Comprehensive Hemophilia Center in Fort Worth, Texas, was coming to its conclusion.

Chisinau – Warsaw

The latest video in the Twinning series follows patients and participants in the treatment centre twinning partnership between Chisinau, Moldova, and Warsaw, Poland.

Hemophilia World article, December 2009


Jordan – Toronto

The impact of the twinning partnership between Toronto and Central Ontario Region chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society and the Jordanian Hemophilia Society is shown in this video. It follows people such as Abdulaziz Kahleed Al-Shirif, a young man with hemophilia, and captures how hemophilia treatment and care in Jordan has improved because of the Twinning Program.

The WFH is grateful for the support of Pfizer for producing the WFH Twinning Program videos.


Updated October 2012