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One stop for easy access to all inherited bleeding disorders resources.

The WFH eLearning Platform is your one stop for easy access to all educational materials. You will find everything you need on hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, from a quick introduction to in-depth guides and articles.

Home to foundational resources such as the Treatment Guidelines and Lab Manual, the WFH eLearning Platform features over 650 other resources including interactive learning modules, educational videos and games, webcasts, and online tools for healthcare professionals. Official WFH translations of materials are available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese, and NMO translations of many materials are available in another 18 local languages. All eLearning Platform content is available to everyone, free of charge!

For all your advocacy, medical education, and learning needs, please visit the WFH eLearning Platform.

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