Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarships

The Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarships were established in 2007 by the family of WFH president Mark Skinner to commemorate his mother’s efforts to ensure safe and effective hemophilia treatment for Mark and his brother when they were growing up.

The Memorial Fundsupports the training and education of young women with bleeding disorders who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential in their home countries to improve the care of people with bleeding disorders.

Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship 2011

Alexandra Gamber (Johnson), age 21 years, from East Lansing, Michigan, received the WFH USA 2011 Susan Skinner Memorial Fund Scholarship. The announcement was made at the WFH session at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) Annual Meeting in Chicago, November 11, 2011.

Mark Skinner, WFH USA President and Alexandra Gamber, SSMF 
Involved with the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan since 2009, Alexandra has been active in the NHF since 2010. Alexandra is currently a co-Chair of the NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute. She is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnosis (minor in Philosophy) after which she plans to enter into a master’s program Public Health. Alexandra’s ultimate goal is to become a pediatric hematologist and to dedicate her professional and personal life to the bleeding disorder community.

After receiving the Scholarship, she wrote:
I am both immensely honored and grateful to have been chosen as the 2011-2012 recipient of the Susan Skinner Memorial Fund. I am aware of both the great opportunity and incredible responsibility the award carries, and I am more than ready to take on the challenge of proving I am worthy of it. I am very excited to spend my future improving the lives of adults and children with bleeding disorders, and being granted the ability to attend WFH’s General NMO Training, World Congress, and General Assembly is one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever been offered. There is no greater way to begin my career, and to become the best advocate and future practitioner possible. I look forward to reciprocating the incredible gifts this community has bestowed upon me.

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