Henri Horoszowski Award

This award was established in 1998 in memory of Professor Henri Horoszowski, former chairman of the Musculoskeletal Committee. The award was established to encourage musculoskeletal specialists to become involved in hemophilia care.

Presenters of any free papers selected for inclusion in each Musculoskeletal Congress and each MSK program of the WFH Congress are eligible for the award, with two exceptions:

  • Current or past members of the MSK Committee are not eligible;
  • Previous winners of the award are not eligible.

Presentations are judged on scientific methodology, originality, relevance and quality of the presentation by a panel of judges appointed by the MSK executive.

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Past recipients


 Place of Conference / Title
(Eligibility criteria refined in 2008)



Decrease in joint inflammation, swelling and pain after a swimming protocol in animal model of experimental-induced Hemarthrosis

Fabio Souza


Belfast, Northern Ireland
Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients with Hemophilia: A safe and cost-effective procedure

SM Javd Mortazavi


Chicago, USA
A4.6 “A fusion protein of IL4 and IL10, is equally effective in protecting cartilage from blood-induced damage compared to the individual components” 

Lize F.D. van Vulpen


Paris, France
Pseudotumor Surgery in Haemophilia A patients: Comparitive results between inhibitor and non-inhibitor patients 

Horacio Caviglia (Argentina)

2011 Dubai, UAE
Perioperative Clotting Factor Replacement and Infection in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Nicholas Goddard (United Kingdom)

Early-onset administration of IL-4 and IL-10 prevents blood-induced cartilage damage in vitro

Monique van Meegeren (The Netherlands)


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Influence of an Aquatic Training Protocol on the Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality in a Hemophiliac

Lydia Abad-Franch (Spain)


Cartagena, Colombia
Impact of Hemophilia Ankle Arthropathy on Gait Disability: Analysis of Energetic and Mechanical Variables

Sebastien Lobet (Belgium)


Bone Turnover Markers and Bone Mineral Density in Children with Hemophilia

Jose Alberto Tlacuilo-Parra (Mexico)


Stresa, Italy
Degenerated Cartilage is as vulnerable to blood-induced cartilage damage as healthy cartilage is

Nathalie Jansen, Goris Roosendaal,
JWJ Bijlsma, M Theobald, FPJG Lafeber, (Netherlands)


Vancouver, Canada
MultiCenter Study of Orthopedic Outcome of the Lower Extremities in 249 Children with Hemophilia

Axel Seuser and
E Kusch (Germany)


Istanbul, Turkey
The Hemophilia Activities List: Final development and validation of a hemophilic-specific self-assessment questionnaire on functional abilities

Frank van Genderen, Nico van Meeteren, Lily Heijnen, Piet de Kleijn, Marijke van den Berg,
Paul Helders


Bangkok, Thailand
Radiosynoviorthesis using YTTRIUM-90 results in adverse direct effects on cartilage: a human in vitro study. 

Goris Roosendaal,
N Jahangier
K Jacobs, H Bijlsma,
F Lafeber (Netherlands) 


Bonn, Germany
How to advise young haemophiliacs to find the right sport? A new and safe algorithm!’ 

Axel Seuser, Thomas Wallny, G.Schumpe, E.Trunz, H-H Brackman


Seville, Spain
Long Term Review of Total Knee Arthroplasty

James Luck Jr, M Silva (USA)


Lahore, Pakistan
Oxytetracycline Chlorohydrate: A new material for chemical synovial orthoses 

Federico Fernandez-Palazzi (Venezuela) 


Montreal, Canada

Horacio Caviglia


Sydney, Australia
Communication and Co-operation for the New Millenium -  The future of the Musculoskeletal Committee in the 21 st Century

William J. Ribbans,
J.L. Hicks (UK)


The Hague, Netherlands
Chromic phosphate synoviorthesis without age restriction should be the first treatment option for chronic active hemophilic synovitis.

Adolfo Llinas, M. Silva,
M. Duarte, G. Ucros,
G. Perini, A.M. Cerquera, A. Forero (Columbia)


Updated October 2016