World Federation of Hemophilia International
Medical Card

The World Federation of Hemophilia International Identity Card has been designed to be unobtrusive but available to provide information to others in the case of an emergency. It carries the basic initial information that medical staff need to help you quickly, and allows them to access further information about you, or about your bleeding disorder. Please carry it with you at all times. Like your credit cards, it will fit in your wallet or purse.

The WFH International Medical Card is available in PDF format. SAVE A COPY of this file and complete as directed below. (front of card - page 1; back of card - page 2; print double sided, cut and fold, or have it printed professionally.)

WFH International Medical Card

When creating your individual card please remember the following:

  • Your diagnosis should be entered as either “hemophilia A”, or “hemophilia B”, or “von Willebrand”, or as a specific clotting factor deficiency (for instance, “Factor V deficiency”).
  • Both your clotting factor deficiency and level should be entered either in international units (i.u.) or as a percentage of normal. For instance “VIII 2%”, or “IX 5 i.u.” The level entered should be your resting level; i.e., the level recorded before any treatment. These details will help ensure that you receive the correct replacement therapy in the event of bleeding.
  • Under “Complications” be sure to enter information about the presence of clotting factor inhibitors or allergies, especially any reactions to previous medication. You may also wish to enter any other illnesses here.
  • Under “Treatment” record your usual replacement therapy (for instance the name of the Factor product you inject, or DDAVP), and the dose you take in the event of injury.
  • Under “Medical Contact Details” include people with 24-hour access to your medical records, for instance the staff of your Hemophilia Center. 


Diagnosis: Hemophilia A
Factor Deficiency/Level : Factor VIII: <1%
Complications: Allergic to penicillin
Treatment: Name of FVIII product/2000 units

Updated May 2012