Twinning Program

New twins started in 2017:
  • Mali – Algeria
  • Harare (Zimbabwe) – Chapel Hill (USA)
  • Mansoura (Egypt) – Knoxville (USA)
  • Tehran (Iran) – Milan (Italy)

The Twinning Program of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) aims to improve hemophilia care in emerging countries through a formal, two-way partnership between two hemophilia organizations or treatment centres for a period of four years. 

For more than 20 years, the WFH Twinning Program has established 215 partnerships, across 113 countries, with the goal that twinned organizations or hemophilia treatment centres work together and share information, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership, to transfer expertise, experience, skills, and resources. Over the lifespan of the program, twins have completed a total of 949 total years of twinning partnerships, which achieved:

  • Improved diagnosis and treatment over time
  • Enriched the knowledge of healthcare professionals caring for hemophilia patients
  • Enhanced outreach initiatives
  • Facilitated resource sharing
  • Strengthened patient organizations through capability building

The WFH has two types of Twinning Programs: the Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twinning and the Hemophilia Organization Twinning. In 2017, the WFH is launching a new component: Youth Group Twinning.

Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twinning
The Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twinning (HTC) Program partners emerging HTCs with established ones to help improve diagnosis and medical attention for people with hemophilia.

Hemophilia Organization Twinning
The Hemophilia Organization Twinning (HOT) Program partners emerging and established hemophilia patient groups to share knowledge in areas such as patient education, outreach, fundraising, and all other aspects of operating a successful hemophilia patient society.

Youth Group Twinning Pilot Project
The WFH is pleased to announce the launch of a new component of the Twinning Program. In 2018, a pilot project will officially commence with youth groups of National Member Organizations (NMOs) twinning together in formal partnerships with the goal of helping to improve and strengthen the youth group in the developing partner country. With this expansion of the Twinning Program, the WFH will help foster the next generation of leaders in the bleeding disorders community and ensure that they are well prepared to take on a leadership role. 

The WFH is currently seeking information on which NMOs would be interested in participating in this pilot project. Two developing (emerging) and two developed (established) NMO youth groups will be selected to participate in this first phase of the program.

Announcement and Program Details

General Information 
The general information documents provide an overview of the Twinning Program, including the program objective, possible activities, selection criteria, application procedure, reporting requirements, funding and duration.

Hemophilia Treatment Centre Twinning Program: General information
Hemophilia Organization Twinning Program: General information  

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