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Treatment for All: Our Vision has No Boundaries

Bleeding disorders do not discriminate; they affect both men and women in every area of the world. Untreated, bleeding disorders can be debilitating and even life threatening. 

Many governments in developing countries cannot provide basic treatment to people living with a bleeding disorder, often lacking the ability to diagnose them properly. Children needlessly face a life filled with pain, disability, and in many cases, do not reach adulthood.  

You can change that.

Your support will have a local impact and help children across the globe rise above uncertainty. Children like Segawa from Uganda, Bachir from Senegal, and Ijaz from Pakistan.


    Make a personal donation: your one-time gift together with countless others can produce significant change in a child’s life. To give:

    Join the new WFH Caregiver program: Giving even $10 each month is a powerful way to make a difference. Join together with others who have experienced the benefits of giving monthly. Sign up today.

    In honour: Recognize a milestone event such as a birthday/anniversary, honour a dedicated volunteer or healthcare provider who has made a difference in your life, by giving a gift in their name. A personalized letter or card will be sent to notify them of your thoughtfulness.

    In memorium: Pay tribute to the life and memory of a loved one by giving a gift in their name or select WFH as your charity of choice in lieu of flowers.

    Organize an event: Together with friends, family, or your community raise funds by holding a barbeque, silent auction, raffle, quiz night, etc. Contact Annie Colavita at to register your event/or for more information.

    Legacy giving: Include the WFH in your estate plan (will, annuity, life insurance policy) which will provide you with the unique opportunity to give a gift that is otherwise not possible. To learn more about the various giving opportunities available to you, contact Director of Philanthropy, Paula Curtis at, in confidence, to explore how you can leave a legacy gift.

    Join the Global Community Program: Get connected to your global community today. With four levels of engagement opportunities available, including the new FREE Global Citizen, there is one just right for you and your organization. Sign-up here or learn more


    Your gift will help support the following areas where WFH serves:

    Humanitarian Aid
    Your gift will help the WFH provide donated treatment products to over 58 countries globally, forever changing the lives of children and young adults from living a life of disability and life long pain. Learn more.  

    Your gift will help ensure a person with a bleeding disorder in developing countries live a full and productive life through providing them access to a well-trained team of healthcare professionals, patient organizations, and advocacy support. Learn more.

    Research/Data Collection
    Your gift will help healthcare professionals and researchers collect and share quality data that will be used to advocate for better care and to advance the understanding of bleeding disorders worldwide. Learn more.

    Education/Travel Funding/Learning Opportunities
    Your gift will help local healthcare professionals participate in regional and international training workshops. This ensures they have the skills to diagnose, treat, and support those living with a bleeding disorder in their communities. Learn more.

    Patient Treatment
    Your gift can help some of the world’s poorest regions begin to diagnose and treat patients who otherwise may become disabled or die from an untreated bleed. Learn more.


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Updated April 2017