17th edition of the WFH International Musculoskeletal Congress

Every two years the World Federation of Hemophilia organizes the International Musculoskeletal Congress, bringing orthopedists, physiotherapists, hematologists and other professionals interested in the MSK aspects of hemophilia together in one place.

For the first time ever, the WFH International Musculoskeletal (MSK) Congress was held virtually from May 3 to 7, 2021, bringing together a record number of more than 640 participants in diverse multidisciplinary fields (orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, hematologists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, researchers, and patients) from over 80 countries. Participants viewed a robust program on a variety of topics with a mix of educational sessions, interactive workshops, industry symposia, free paper sessions, and ask the experts, as well as being able to access a poster gallery featuring authors from around the world. The virtual platform allowed attendees a unique opportunity to participate from home, to learn and to share insights about musculoskeletal approaches to hemophilia.


Hemophilia is still a musculoskeletal disorder. Our task is not yet complete. Together we have run a long and difficult marathon race. The last few miles are always the hardest. We may be tired and distracted but we must not forget our goal. We can only complete the race if we come together to share our success and our failures. The finish line is there, waiting for us.

This May is the time for us to renew our determination and dedication to eliminating the musculoskeletal complications of hemophilia. If we do this, we can then look forward to the time when persons with hemophilia will be running their marathons and we can sit back in our chairs, relaxing, watching and enjoying.

Marvin Gilbert, Chair, WFH Musculoskeletal Committee 1992-1996


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