Our community has made it clear that they still need us and we need you.

For decades, we have been working around the world to ensure patients have sustainable access to care. We have a responsibility – not only to help them through this crisis, but to continue delivering life-changing programs and services.

Your gift will ensure no one is left behind as we move towards a new, more digitally connected world.

Your gift will provide the WFH with the flexibility to quickly respond to the needs of our community.

Your gift will help us deliver training and guidance to help patients advocate for access to treatment and care.

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Your one-time gift can change a child's life.

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A recurring monthly donation is a powerful way to demonstrate your support for sustainability care.

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Make the biggest impact of all by including a gift in your will to WFH USA. Your legacy will bring hope for generations to come.

We believe, as do you, that where you are born should not determine your access to care. Turn your compassion into action by making a gift today.

Legacy Gift

Do you sometimes wish you could do more? A bequest is a simple way for you to make a significant gift without changing anything about your financial security and lifestyle today. Your legacy will sustain care for the generations to come.

Download these sample clauses to give to your legal advisor.

We understand if you prefer to remain anonymous, but we would be very honoured if you would let us know of your intentions so that we may thank you personally. We would also be happy to answer any questions you may have or give you additional information. Please contact Jennifer Laliberté at 514‑875‑7944 ext.2822 or [email protected].


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