Evidence-based Advocacy

Data collected through the WFH Annual Global Survey and the WFH World Bleeding Disorders Registry are used to create global and country specific reports, charts, infographics, and tools that will help strengthen advocacy messages.

Infographics, based on data from the latest Annual Global Survey and the World Bleeding Disorders Registry are available for download as an image, a PDF or as slides and can be used for presentations and advocacy work.

The WFH has developed a user-friendly data visualization system, which includes real-time, customizable queries. This system allows the user to explore and compare recent and historical data to suit all reporting, research and advocacy needs.

View and download graphs of Annual Global Survey data developed using our new data collection system.

WFH AGS mini reports are advocacy tools that provide more in-depth perspective and context to Annual Global Survey data.

Peer-reviewed publications on global data and patient registries relevant to hemophilia and other bleeding disorders are also available.

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